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Email: Thanks, your customer service is amazing!
L.S, New Zealand, bought for SA client, 20-3-17
I've had my backswing for 5 years. I absolutely love it, I invert daily, and my posture has improved dramagically as well as my golf swing. I also feel younger as I am more flexible and move more easily. I'm telling everyone about it. A huge thank you.

J.W, Cape Town, 11-1-17
Email: Thank you for your excellent service

E.W, Johannesburg, 11-1-17
Email: The quality of the material and labour is really outstanding.

D.D, Bloemfontein, 13-11-16

Email: Most refreshing in this day and age to experience your professional approach.

T.M, Johannesburg 13-8-15

Email: is amazing

B.N, Mossel Bay, 29-5-15

Email: I am very impressed by the quality and design of your product.

F.L, 19-3-15

Email: Thank you for your very efficient service - it's been outstanding!

B.S, Tarkastad

Email: I have just got back from USA and have used the Teeter EP950 for a few days.
What a remarkable machine….unbelievable. Interested in purchasing this unit...

J.B, 18-10-14

Email: I would like to buy a backswing in UK. I have probably the oldest one in existence – I’ve had it for 30 years. It’s the only thing that gets rid of my back/hip pain. Much better than pills. I would really like a new one.

Gillian, Dorset, UK, 14-10-14

Email: Thanks for the great service. Really appreciate the speed of your response.

K.E.B, Cape Town, 8-1-13

Email: Since we picked up the Backswing I am using it very regularly sometimes 3 x per day. As you might know, I had an accident three years ago, breaking the vertebras TH 4 and TH 5 and was very close of being paraplegic. By the extreme compression fractures which were not treated correctly I developed a different spine angle and a very bend back which was causing pain as the spinal nerves were under pressure. 

I started with the backswing position very carefully as you cannot change the new situation of the damaged bone structure. But it was a relief from the first time already. Now, after 5 weeks I do the 60º backswing for up to 15 min and it is becoming better and better. My posture became so much straighter and the pain has become 70% less. I play my golf without pain and take the backswing always after a round. Being a medical doctor, I was sceptical but the result is unbelievable.

G.S, German-speaking Medical doctor, KZN, 2-1-13

Email: Thanks for the excellent service.

T.S, Limpopo, 7-11-12

Our daughter, Caitlin, has been doing Cecchetti style ballet for nine years now, and is in Advanced One. She attended a Ballet Summer School at Hilton College in Natal in December 2011 for five days, and experienced quite bad muscle spasms in her back. Little did we know that this was the beginning of a lot of pain for this poor teen. We put the spasms down to the amount of dancing that they had done, but in hindsight realised that she had done far more dancing in July 2011 when she was in USA for three weeks of non-stop dancing - sometimes 'till 9 0'clock at night, with no pain at all. Something done at Hilton had triggered this pain.

While doing a Master class at UCT in April 2012, she suffered from slight muscle spasms in her back. She rested her body well, and thought that the problem was over. However, she periodically got these spasms, but found that rest was all that was needed, until she attended her pre-exam class in August, and collapsed in pain as her back went into the worst spasm she had ever experienced. She has a very high pain threshold, and when she cries, we all know that it is serious. She immediately stopped dancing, and when her teacher brought her home, she was still in agony. Her teacher told us that if we were unable to get to the bottom of the problem and have it sorted out, this would mean the end of her ballet career.

My husband uses the Backswing in his practice, and thought that this might ease the pain that Caitlin was experiencing. We went to the surgery and brought the Backswing home, and Caitlin used it immediately. My husband left the safety strap on, so she only went a portion of the way, but she felt immediate relief. She continued to use the Backswing every day, and was very soon hanging vertically - with no pain!

She is back at all her ballet classes - everyday - and has had no back spasms. She still "hangs" everyday after class, and then heads for the shower. The Backswing has, in my opinion, enabled our daughter to carry on with her dance career. It has become part of her daily routine. Her teacher tells me that she is dancing beautifully again, and she can see that Caitlin has no pain, as she is not lifting her shoulders or leaning to one side to compensate for any pain.

Anne Spies, Cape Town, 2-11-12

Email: I used to have one of these! Wish I hadn't got rid of it. Are they available in the UK still?

A.H, UK, 20-8-12

Email: I ... injured my back in the lower lumber region by launching a ski-boat at St.Lucia.
... the doctors said that I had to have my 4th & 5th vertebrae fused together as this was the only option – I said "NO".

By using the Backswing regularly everyday & doing exercises whilst completely inverted, no operation was necessary. I haven't used it for some time now, but I swear by it when your back muscles go into spasm or that ruddy nerve gets pinched!

H.C, Bethlehem, Free State, 17-7-12

My customer is very happy and cannot wait to get on the Hang Up morning and night. Being a dentist he bends over his patients all day. Has given him relief for his golf game. Loves it.

My partner, who goes on the Hang Up every day - morning and night, swears by it. I have noticed an improvement in his posture when he is standing. He does not stoop and stands quite straight up. I hardly hear him complain about back ache anymore!

B.H, Durban, 19-3-12

"I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis which causes intense stiffness and pain the back as a result of inflammation of the vertebrae. Apart from the pain it has the potential to lead to excessive forward curative of the spine. For the last 15 to 20 years I have been inverting, which, along with a controlled diet and exercise plan, has been a major contributor to my having retained a relatively normal/upright posture. I have no hesitation in attributing the majority of my success to my almost daily inverting." -

Christopher Hymns, 31 January 2012

Email: Backswing has arrived ... could feel some relief from my backache after the first use. My husband swore my neck looked longer right afterwards as well!!!!
Thank you so much.

R.P, Botswana, 26 January 2012 (email)

Facebook comment: I severely injured my back on July 2, 2008 while moving two very heavy couches. (At 53 I should know better; plus I had my right knee replaced at 48, and also suffer from Meniere's. It's great getting old!). After two weeks of severe pain I finally went to my family physician. He put me on prednisone, valium, and percocet for several weeks. The drugs did not relieve the terrible pain. I went back to the family doctor who put me on another regiment of prednisone, valium, and percocet, plus he ordered an MRI. After several more weeks, including 4 full days of 100% bed rest, I went back to the family doctor. The MRI showed a herniated disc in the L4/L5 area of the spine. Painful sciatica also shot down my right leg to my ankle. My family doctor recommended I see a surgeon for a second opinion. By this time I had ordered a Teeter EP-950. I started using the table about 5-7 minutes a day. In ten days the pain was gone, including the sciatica. (I did keep my appointment with the back surgeon and shared my success story.) I am sold on inversion. My wife uses the table every night as well and loves it! I am a engineer by trade, and am very impressed with the robust design, material selection, and build quality. Not one part of this device has been compromised for cost, quality, durability, or reliability!

Lou Oniga 20-1-12

Facebook comment: I bought your product mainly for my husband who was suffering from sciatica. He plays tennis everyday on hard courts. After just one week of using the table for 5 minutes, 1-2 times a day, his sciatica pain lessened dramatically. It has been 3 months and he has forgotten he even had pain.

I play tennis 3-4 times a week and sometimes have pain in and around my hips. I do not ‘hang’ as often as my husband, but if I start to feel some pain, I immediately start inverting and the pain goes away.

I spent hours on the Internet researching inversion tables and settled on the F7000. Your table is sturdy and rotates very smoothly.

I love your product.

Sandra Horwitz, 20-1-12

I took up golf late in life and love the game. But there was a time when I thought I would have to give it up because of the trouble it caused my lower back. After each round I had to be very careful not to make any sudden movements, because my back would go into spasm. If I sat or lay down after a round, I had great difficulty standing up because the pain was so severe. Even walking was difficult on some days. Anti-inflammatory pills worked to some extent but I realised I could not continue playing golf if I wanted to prevent permanent damage to my spine. The solution was the backswing. I tried it out a couple of times, took the plunge and bought one. I have hardly felt any back pain since. If you have crushed discs, five minutes a day on this machine will keep you pain-free. It also strengthens your stomach muscles. I have also found that since I've been using it I hit the golf ball further.

John Hinton, Cape Town, 29 September 2011

I invert twice a day, in the morning before going to work, for a minute or two - even in my big military boots I can get on comfortably;  and after a day's work when I feel drained from the traffic, I get blood to my head and feel rejuvenated and renewed.    

A few days ago my back was hurting after a game of squash, and after inverting for just 2 minutes the pain was instantly gone.  

Gary Platte, Stellenbosch, 6 September 2011

Email: "He is having great fun with it and reports feeling so energised after each use."

Physio, C.K, regarding patient

Since I started inverting my grey hair has been reverting to black again.

I used to visit my chiropractor every month because of the intense neck pain from degenerated discs. Now I only go once every 6 months, and am pain-free.

I love my Backswing, it's a great piece of equipment, and I recommend it to everyone I know. I've just bought another one to take to Greece for the few months in the year I spend there.

Dave D, Cape Town, 22 June 2011

Email: "Thanks very much. It was a pleasure dealing with you, I will be telling my friends. In fact we discussed it at golf today. I played with a happy backswinger!"

M.S, Cape Town, 12 Feb 2011

The Backswing is a fantastic revolutionary piece of home and gym equipment that can be used daily to help alleviate and prevent backache by simply hanging upside down to decompress the spine. I also find it improves your posture, helps stretch your lats and there are some great mobility movements to loosen up your neck muscles.

I use the backswing with all my clients at the end of each session, after stretching, for a minimum of 4 minutes and find it to be a vital part of a well-balanced training regime.

In my twelve years of personal training it is without a doubt one of the best and most important pieces of exercise equipment ever.

Johnny Eagleton, Personal Trainer & Owner of Eagleton Fitness, Cape Town, 1 Feb 2011

I purchased the "backswing" during a particularly bad attack of Sciatica. It is now 4 weeks since I started using it every day for 10/15 minutes. I am pleased to report that the sciatica has almost gone and my posture has greatly improved. I also use it after exercise and find it helps to remove the stiffness and strain on the muscles.

I would not hesitate to recommend the "backswing" to my friends and colleagues; it is a very good product that I willingly endorse.

M.S, Cape Town, 30 Nov 2010

I have been using my Backswing for 3 weeks for a back problem that is so serious that several doctors want to perform a fourth operation. I have had tremendous pain in my back and down my right leg. 
Before telling you the effects of the Backswing, I want to give you the history:
I had my first back operation in 1991.  I was 35 years old, and spending 4 hours a day at the gym, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.  In the mornings, before that, I would run 15 kilometers to work, and I played rugby and squash, and swam almost every day.  I was a fitness fanatic, and even had a six-pack.
I had developed back pain, but as I had a high pain tolerance I was not concerned.  However my gym instructor and my wife convinced me to see a doctor.  My GP referred me to a Neurosurgeon. When I went to see him with the x-rays, without talking to me, he looked at them, turned to his phone and ordered a wheelchair for me.  He then told me that one of the discs in my back was fractured and that a splinter of the fractured disk was pressing into my spinal cord, and that I could be paralysed if he did not operate immediately.
This was a lie.  I only had a stress fracture, and my GP told me afterwards that we all get stress fractures in the discs, and that no operation was necessary.
5 years later I had back trouble again, and saw another surgeon. He told me I was allergic to the surgical steel that had been inserted during the first operation, and that he had to remove it.  So I had my second operation.  This was the second lie.  Humans do not develop allergies to the steel, which I found out later.
In May 2005 I had my third operation.  This time I was told that the bone that was packed around my spine during the last fusion had “kept on growing and was cutting off my spinal cord and nerve cord". 

I don’t believe this was true either.  I believe the disc just above the fusion had “slipped out” and therefore on the scan and x-rays it looked like there was a narrowing of the spinal cord.  
The same thing is happening now, which is causing the pain, but as I am not willing to have another operation, I bought a Backswing.
I have been using the Backswing for the last 3 weeks.  I experience very little pain.  I walk easier and have not taken any pain medication for a week.  It used to be a major problem for me to turn over in bed, but now I am not even aware of turning because there is no pain.  I strongly believe the Backswing has helped me to avoid another back operation. 
Steve Rossouw, Pretoria, 19 August 2010

I have finally started to invert at 60 degrees where I have wanted to be. I am still very pleased with the product and can feel the difference it is making - especially with regard to lack of any pain whatsoever in my lower back even though I am once again spending long hours at my computer.

Joe Coetsee, Cape Town

The backswing has saved me. My lower back was injured in a water-skiing fall, and for years I went for treatments, which helped a lot, but the pain kept returning. I now invert 6 - 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and it does the trick - my back and whole body feel strong. On occasion, if I feel a slight recurrence after lifting something heavy, the backswing immediately sorts it out - it is absolutely fantastic.

Joel Immermann, de Rust

... I am a New Zealander. Wondering if you have any dealerships in New Zealand. Currently I am in a lot of pain with a prolapsed disc. My friend in Oz who has had a bulging disc problem through an accident uses a backswing and referred me to your site. He has had amazing success...

C Spencer, New Zealand

I purchased a “Backswing” from “Backswing for Health” in order to help rectify lower back and neck problems I have been experiencing over the last 20 years. In fact 2 years ago I landed in hospital and was put in traction for 4 days to relieve a major neck problem I had back then. The reason for the traction was to separate the cervical disks in my neck. After the traction treatment I experienced a bit of discomfort and an MRI revealed that I had severe narrowing of C7/T1 at the base of my neck and this was the cause of my discomfort. I might add that I also had difficulty in rotating my neck and found it very difficult to park my car, especially when reversing.

I have been using my “Backswing” for just over a month and most of the pain in my lower back has gone and now have painless full rotation in my neck [like I had as a youngster]. I use “Backswing” for a couple of minutes 3 times a day: when I wake up it gives me a wonderful way to stretch my entire body; when I come home from work before supper and last thing at night before I go to sleep at night.

I believe that “Backswing” is the best investment I have made for my spine in my life. I highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from spinal and/or neck pain or any person wanting to ensure good posture well into their old age.

Kenny Silke, Cape Town

Email: Finally I started using the backswing, and it's magic.

K.M, Harare

Email: I assembled the backswing ... Could immediately afterwards feel that my back was more flexible and less pressure.

T.O, Windhoek

I injured my lower back doing martial arts, and consulted a chiropractor, but the effects of his treatment did not last long after any particular adjustment . Then I tried going to a physiotherapist, and although the treatment released muscle spasms it would return after a few days. I then went to a biokineticist who gave me exercises to strengthen my core and other back-supporting muscles, but it seemed better for prevention of injuries and not necessarily the treatment thereof. I use these exercises now to prevent the same injury recurring. Inversion is the only thing that helps long-term because it stretches my back out properly. I think the best part is that I can do it at home, whenever I feel the need. I ended up spending three times more on the therapists than on the gravity boots.

Leon Vercueil, Johannesburg

Since I have the backswing, I have NO pain in shouders or lower back any more.

Dr H Lotze, Cape Town

I am a regular golfer, who plays up to 5 times a week. Multiple spinal injuries (lumbar and cervical), which occurred many years ago, have been catching up with me in recent years and my body makes me well aware of these old injuries after a game of golf.

I started using the backswing 2 weeks ago and I feel virtually no pain after golf. The product works extremely well and the product quality is superb.

D.F, Cape Town

I tried the Teeter Hang Ups because my back was hurting after I accidently walked off a big step I hadn’t noticed.

After two 10-minute sessions my back was fine. There was also a bonus. A few days later I noticed I could readily bend down to pick up things off the floor in a much more youthful way than I had been able to before.

A Howarth, Cheshire, UK

During 1999 I was persuaded to try out the Hang Ups, as my back pain was such that I was unable to work at all. Within 2 days, after using it 3 times, I started to feel pain relief and some freedom of movement, and in about a week-and-a-half, total pain relief. I now use it with the onset of pain, and get immediate relief.

Desmond Mouton, Cape Town

I was involved in a car accident that left me hospitalized for 2 years and with one leg shorter than the other.  I was told I would always have hip problems and limited mobility.  I am now 61 years old and have been inverting for a year.  It has literally turned my life around.  I now walk straighter, I have gained an inch in height and I do ballroom dancing.  My golf swing used to cause a burning sensation in my back, which I protected by doing a three-quarter swing and stopping half-way through.  Now I do a full swing and am back to hitting balls like I did 4 years ago.  Prior to inverting I was exhausted after 18 holes of golf.  Now I easily do 36 holes, and after 5 minutes on the backswing I am ready to go.  I fold it away when not using it, so it takes no space and is easily accessible. The backswing is relaxing and energizing, and I love using it.

PS Now can some one tell me how to keep the rest of the family off it ????
Joking, it is now used by wife and son, both horse riders and also love it.

Len Jowett, Gauteng

As a teenager I had Sherman’s Disease which resulted in a collapsed vertebra, and was told by an orthopaedic specialist when I was 18 years old and had my first "slipped disc" symptoms, that my back was that of an 80-year-old.  He said if I did not exercise every day, I would finish up in a wheelchair.  Since then have exercised daily to build my back muscles to support my spine.  Then 15 years ago I developed sciatica, and for months I tried many types of therapy to alleviate the intense pain.  After two 5-minute sessions on the backswing, I was pain-free. 

I am 75 and a retired dentist, and thanks to the exercise and backswing I am healthy and active. You have the best product ever.

Dr Max Rom, Johannesburg, November 2007

Email: 5 weeks after back surgery for slipped disc: "Just to let you know that I have my doctor’s go-ahead to start using the backswing. So, I have set it up (all of 5 minutes to set up!), and I have starting using it. At this stage, I am only inverting to about 15-20 degrees, but I will slowly extend that.

In just the five minutes that I spent on it, I already feel a relaxing of the muscles and improvement in agility."

C.S, Cape Town

Email: "Thank you for your prompt shipping of the Backswing … it is not only providing relief after a hard day's work, but I seem to be healing as well."  

T.L,  Johannesburg

I have been the fortunate owner of a backswing for over 10 years, and think it is the "saviour" for my neck and back dysfunctions.

W.R.C, Canada

If someone has never experienced debilitating back pain, they cannot understand what a blessing it is to find real, sustainable relief. Thank you!

Alise W., Brooklyn , NY day I made the slightest movement and something went wrong. I went down to my knees with a pain I had never felt before. If it wasn't for my Teeter inversion table, I couldn't function. This table is my best friend when I need it... I have told everyone I know about it.

Thank you for providing a robust, well-constructed product that really works!

Raymond S., Henderson , NV

After 35 years flying helicopters, sitting with a 6 pound helmet and vibrations, I was constantly feeling pain in my spine. After two days of inversion, 10 minutes in the morning and again at night, the pain is gone. The difference is amazing. Best purchase of my life.

Doug M., Salisbury , NC

I use the inversion table about three to four times per week now and I would say I am 90% pain free most of the time and 99% pain free for the remainder of the time. I play golf again which is something I thought I would never do again, but more importantly, I can play with my three-year-old son which is a blessing to me. The Teeter Inversion Table is the best thing I own. It saved my life. I recommend the Teeter Inversion Table to anyone suffering with back pain. Do yourself, your back and your family a favor and get one. Make your life normal again.

M. Rabiner, Vancouver , BC

I want to thank you for the [Teeter Hang Ups]... I noticed the results the third day I used the inversion table. My wife called me upstairs the other night to come to bed and I went upstairs so fast, I didn't realize it. I said, "Oh my, Pam. I just ran upstairs without using the railing with one hand and the other on the stair!" She said, "You're kidding!" I was so excited I went downstairs and came up a couple of more times with the same results - pain free.

Tom G., Bradford, PA

I could not believe the way I felt just inverting one time. I did not want to get off. I felt amazing. I never dreamed that something so fun could be so beneficial!

Holly M., Cartersville , GA

I first inverted at my Chiropractor and received such a dramatic result that day, that I got on the internet and came to the conclusion that the Teeter Hang Ups was the best out there. After receiving it, I was TOTALLY impressed with the QUALITY of the product, packaging, and materials.

Kurt A., Scott Mills, OR

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